Surgical Nail Removal refers to removing either a part of the nail or the whole nail plate. This is most commonly done for an ingrown toe nail.
An ingrown toe nail is a very painful thing to have and occurs when the nail plate grows into the nail surrounding the skin instead of straight outwards. Early cases can sometimes be managed without surgery but most established cases will require either a partial or complete removal of their nail plate. This is done under local anaesthesia with prompt relief in symptoms.
Other reasons nail removal may be required is if there is trauma to a nail causing it to become partially detached from its nail bed or if there is problem with then nail which requires testing a part of the nail bed. Below nail warts also require removal of the nail plate to remove the wart effectively. Isolated fungal infection in just one nail is another indication for nail removal.
48 hours of rest is ideal after nail removal after which light activity can be commenced.


Dermatological Surgery for Nail Removal in Gurgaon

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