Moles can be aesthetically pleasing on some faces but when their size or number is large they can have the opposite effect! Small moles can be effectively removed with either a laser (Co2 or Er:YAG laser) or a radiofrequency machine (Ellman RF). The procedure is done under cream based anaesthesia with excellent cosmetic results. For some moles 2-3 laser sessions may be required as they extend deeper into the skin.
Larger moles or moles showing any irregularity in color, margins, or recent growth are always removed surgically. This ensures that the mole is removed completely and if required sent to the laboratory to confirm it is harmless. A small surgical scar results but with time and additional treatments if indicated, this scar is imperceptible in 6-12 months time.

The decision to use either approach will be discussed in person by Dr Nair during your appointment.

Dermatological Surgery for Moles Removal in Gurgaon

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