Mesoporation, also known as Electroporation, is a technology developed to enable active products to penetrate the skin by applying micro current to the skin.




How does Mesoporation work?

The micro current used during Mesoporation temporarily alters the membrane permeability of skin cells and causes the opening of intercellular channels enabling the penetration of electroporated active principles like Hyaluronic Acid – a molecule too big (800,000 Daltons) to otherwise penetrate deep into the skin – to penetrate much deeper than they otherwise would.

Is Mesoporation safe?

Mesoporation is a non-invasive alternative to traditional needle based mesotherapy and therefore it is also sometimes called virtual or needle-free mesotherapy.

What is the treatment cycle?

The procedure is painless and has no downtime. Usually the first four sessions are done at weekly intervals after which they are spaced out to two and then four-week intervals for maintenance. It takes 3-4 sessions to start seeing a visible improvement. The face, neck, and back of the hands are the most requested treatments. The number of treatments during the active phase varies according to requirement with about 12 sessions being required for hair loss and 5-6 sessions for facial rejuvenation.

Should I go for Mesoporation?

Common ingredients that can be delivered through Mesoporation are hyaluronic acid, ascorbic acid (Vit C), amino acids, minerals, multivitamins, copper peptides, biomimetic peptides, with specialised ingredients added according to indication – e.g. Arbutin and Licorice extract for Skin Pigmentation. Mesoporation can be used for treating a variety of skin problems. Common indications include dull/dry skin, superficial wrinkling, and skin pigmentation.

Facial & Peels for Mesoporation in Gurgaon

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