Laser Scar Removal in Gurgaon

laserscarcorrectionA number of different types of scars can be treated with Lasers. Perhaps the most common indications are Post Acne Scarring and Traumatic Scarring. Both of these are amenable to fractional laser technology – this refers to the use of laser in narrow columns leaving normal areas of skin in between. This greatly speeds up recovery after the procedure and minimizes the chances of side effects such as pigmentation. On an average the down time (or recovery time) is just 7 days. Benefit keeps coming for 3-6 months after a single session and for minor scarring even a single session can provide remarkable improvement.Usually though, a series of treatments are indicated with 2-3 sessions being done 4-6 weeks apart. The benefits that occur are life long.

At DNSC we offer the latest Fractional Co2 technology for treating scars with great results and an excellent safety profile. Call us for affordable and effective acne treatment in Gurgaon.

Laser Treatment for Laser Scar Removal in Gurgaon

Dr Nair’s Skin Clinic is a one stop solution for all your skin related needs. Our goal is to provide quality medical and aesthetic dermatology in a boutique office setting. You can contact DNSC for Laser Treatment for Acne Scars & Laser Scar Removal in Gurgaon.