Laser Facials

laser-facial-218x266Laser Facials can be done with a variety of lasers. The common thing all of these lasers have is that they are ‘non-ablative’, as in they do not cause any skin damage while penetrating into the skin to stimulate the deeper layers.
At DNSC we use the Cutera 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser to perform a treatment called Laser Genesis. This is one of the best forms of Laser Facials. The goal is to create bulk heating to a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius. This temperature stimulates fibroblasts to make more collagen and elastin, which plumps up the area and creates a tighter envelope on the surface. This makes the skin look tighter and brighter with results visible as soon as the next day. Treatment sessions are usually performed every 3 weeks for at least 3 sessions after which maintenance treatments can be spaced out as per patient convenience. There is no downtime apart from mild redness which may last 2-4 hours.
People with skin prone to redness, open pores, superficial wrinkles, and dull skin benefit the most from the procedure.

Facial & Peels for Laser Facials in Gurgaon

Dr Nair’s Skin Clinic is a one stop solution for all your skin related needs. Our goal is to provide quality medical and aesthetic dermatology in a boutique office setting. You can contact DNSC for Facial & Peels for Laser Facials in Gurgaon.