Botulinum Toxin

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img_0625-e1425455248933Botulinum Toxin can make a person look years younger and has gained wide spread acceptance over the last two decades. It is a very safe procedure and in the hands of a skilled practitioner can make a dramatic difference to one’s appearance. A lot of patients I see typically have the same set of questions and I have addressed them here to enable you to gain a better understanding of the procedure.

What is Botox and how does it work?

Botox is a brand name for Botulinum Toxin. This is a substance that works by paralyzing muscles at the nerve-muscle junction and when used appropriately can produce a marked change in dynamic facial wrinkles. This leads to the face appearing many years younger, more relaxed and calm.

Is it safe?

Yes. When done by a trained professional Botox has virtually no side effects.

How long does it last?

On an average effects of Botox last for 4-6 months. On repeated injections the effects can start lasting longer.

Is there a limit to the number of Botox injections I can take during my lifetime?

No. Botox is safe for however long one may choose to use it. Some patients can develop antibodies to Botox in their blood and in these group of patients Botox stops working as well but in the vast majority this is not a problem.

How long does the procedure take?

A typical session of treating the upper face takes about 20 minutes from preparing the injections to doing the procedure itself.

Does it hurt?

Yes, a little. Many patients who take Botox regularly choose to do so without any anaesthesia since it saves them time and the pain is minor and very bearable. For new patients however I always recommend applying a numbing cream 1-2 hours prior to the procedure since this makes the procedure painless.

Are there any precautions after the procedure?

Yes. One should not lie down for 4-6 hours after the procedure and using the muscles injected during the procedure is encouraged. It is also advisable to avoid heavy weight lifting, facial massage and steam for 7 days after the procedure.

Are results visible immediately?

No. Results start appearing from the 3rd day onwards and peak at about 14 days.

Are there some people who should not take Botox?

Yes. People with certain neuromuscular diseases (e.g Myasthenia Gravis), pregnant or lactating women and hypertensive patients are not ideal candidates for Botox. Additionally patients on certain drugs should avoid Botox (blood thinners, aminoglycosides, calcium channel blockers, quinine, penicilllamine).

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